How To Install Mate Desktop In Ubuntu 14.04

Tutorial to install Mate Desktop in Ubuntu 14.04

The other week we saw about installing Cinnamon in Ubuntu. This week we’ll see how to install Mate desktop in Ubuntu 14.04. I think you might have already heard of Mate desktop environment. A fork of now dead classic GNOME 2, Mate provides the classic desktop experience with latest applications. Mate is an official flavor […]

Quickly Fix Broken Unity After Installing Cinnamon 2.0 In Ubuntu 13.10

Things to do after installing Ubuntu 13.10

Cinnamon is a beautiful desktop environment created by Linux Mint team. Users who are unhappy with the default Ubuntu desktop environment Unity, consider installing Cinnamon one of the top things to do after installing Ubuntu. But there is a problem with Cinnamon 2.0 and Ubuntu 13.10. Installing Cinnamon in Ubuntu 13.10 breaks Unity. I installed […]