First Stable Version Of Atom Code Editor Has Been Released

Atom 1.0 stable released

Atom 1.0 is here. One of the best open source code editors, Atom was available for public uses for almost a year but this is the first stable version of the most talked about text/code editor of recent times. Promoted as the “hackable text editor for 21st century”, this project of Github has already been downloaded 1.5 […]

German Town Gummersbach Completes Switch To Open Source

Germany Linux

Gummersbach, a town in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, has announced that it has completed its switch to Linux PCs. The switch was done in the wake of Microsoft’s discontinuation of Windows XP support. This migration has saved the town a sum in five figures. It might not be as lucrative as one million euro […]

Linux Mint Will Not Be Just Green Anymore

More colors for Linux Mint

Linux Mint is a popular Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. In terms of beginner friendliness, at times, Linux Mint is better than Ubuntu itself. As the name “Mint” suggests, Linux Mint has a trademark green touch to its appearance, be it themes, wallpapers, login, website, logo. Green is what comes first to one’s mind at […]

$2400 Valued Introduction To Linux Course Is Available For Free On edX

Introduction to Linux edX

Probably you have already heard it. Linux Foundation has tied up with edX (a major online learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard University) to provide its Introduction to Linux course, which usually costs $2400, for free. edX has over 200 courses from over 50 elite universities, corporations and organizations worldwide. Over 2.5 million users […]

170 Primary Public Schools In Geneva Switch To Ubuntu

Swiss schools switch to Ubuntu

In a drive to get rid of proprietary software, all primary and secondary schools in Geneva, Switzerland will be switching to switching to GNU/Linux. PCs used by teachers and students in these schools will run Ubuntu instead of other proprietary operating system (read Windows). In fact, PCs in 170 primary public schools are already running […]

Virus Alert! A Linux Only Trojan “Hand Of Thief” Spotted In Grey Market

Trojan Malware Hand of Thief in Lunux

If you did not know it already, let me break this ‘news’ to you: Linux is not virus proof. As Linus Torvalds say, all OS suck but Linux sucks less, similarly Linux is less vulnerable to virus or malware as compare to others (means Windows). A recent example that we have seen the Linux security […]

Firefox 23 Arrives In Ubuntu With New Logo, New Features!

Log Evolution of Firefox New logo of firefox 23

Firefox, the default web browser of many Linux OS, has released its latest version Firefox 23 with new features, icon and optimization. The first thing that will be noticed in Firefox 23 is the refurbished logo or icon of Firefox. Refined colors, better color mixing, more simple but more elegant, new Firefox icon is simply […]