Microsoft Announces Its Own Linux OS


Microsoft has shocked the entire tech world by announcing a new Linux OS ahead of Windows 10 release. Few months back when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that Microsoft loves Linux, it created quite a stir. But no one could have guessed that Microsoft’s love interest in Linux will go to the extent of announcing its own Linux […]

Microsoft’s Raspberry Pi Will Cost $300

Sharks Cove Microsoft

I presume that you have heard of Raspberry Pi. A $35 microcomputer that has revolutionized the low cost computing and has cult following among hardware hobbyist and do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Several other followed in the footsteps of Raspberry Pi to provide low cost micro computers, Arduino is one of the successful examples. [Arduino came long before Raspberry […]

How To Use Microsoft OneDrive In Ubuntu 14.04

Access SkyDrive in Ubuntu Linux

With the world going gaga over Cloud storage, a number of operating systems are also providing their own cloud storage along with dedicated cloud players like Dropbox. Ubuntu has it’s own Ubuntu One (Ubuntu One is now closed down), Apple has iCloud and Microsoft has OneDrive. Problem comes with inter-portability. While Ubuntu One is available on […]