How To Add A Program In Dock In Elementary OS Luna [Beginner Tip]

Add a program to dock in Elementary OS Luna

Last week I installed the beautiful Ubuntu based Linux distribution Elementary OS Luna. Since I am a long time Ubuntu user, the experience was a bit different from Unity. Luna comes with a dock with a default set of programs. This dock is like Unity launcher that gives quick access to different applications and programs. […]

How To Make Changes In resolv.conf Permanent in Ubuntu [Quick Tip]

When you change the DNS configuration using /etc/resolv.conf file, you must have noticed that the changes are not permanent. A reboot and your changes might revert to the original settings. I had this issue when I changed the DNS setting to watch Netflix outside USA. Editing resolv.conf solved my problem but for the moment only. […]

How To Use SkyDrive In Ubuntu 13.04

Access SkyDrive in Ubuntu Linux

With the world going gaga over Cloud storage, a number of operating systems are also providing their own cloud storage along with dedicated cloud players like Dropbox. Ubuntu has it’s own Ubuntu One, Apple has iCloud and Microsoft has SkyDrive. Problem comes with inter-portability. While Ubuntu One is available on Windows, SkyDrive, quite obviously is […]

How To Solve: Archive Type Not Supported In Ubuntu Linux [Quick Tip]

Archive type not supported Ubuntu Linux

Problem: Problems with extracting archive files are very common in any Linux system. There are troubles with .cbr files, RAR files and then there are the common troubles with gzip stdin not in gzip format. The time again, I stumbled with a similar problem with compressed file in Ubuntu. I was trying to install a […]