Install And Use ‘Go For It!’ To Do App In Linux

Go For It! To Do Productivity App for Linux

How do you manage tasks and remember things in desktop Linux? I preferred using sticky notes in Ubuntu for a long time. But the problem I faced was syncing it with other devices, especially with my smartphone. This is the reason why went on with Google Keep. Now, Google Keep is feature rich app and […]

Viber Linux Client Is Available In Beta! Install it Now

Viber Linux Logo

On mobile/tab OS, there are two apps that rule the mobile world of instant messaging, one is WhatsApp and other is Viber. Other apps like WeChat are growing fast but still behind these two big shots. While WhatsApp specifically focus on mobile devices (and hence no desktop clients), Viber is expanding its reach. Viber is […]

How To Use Conky In GUI in Ubuntu 14.04 With Conky Manager

Conky Ubuntu Stunning Looks

Using Conky in Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10 have never been so easy, all thanks to this GUI application Conky Manager. Conky is a light weight free system monitor available on Linux and BSD. It can display the system information and statistics in such an elegant way. In fact, if you want Android like wallpapers in […]

Unity Tweak Tool: The Best Tweak Tool For Ubuntu? May Be Not!


Tweak tools have always been in demand considering how much Linux users prefer to experiment with the looks of their desktop. Ubuntu has several tweak tools that are potent enough to do a lot of changes to Unity interface. My Unity and Ubuntu Tweak are such honourable names in the tweak world of Ubuntu. But […]