List of Websites Supported by Ubuntu Web App Feature

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Ubuntu is poised to launch the Web App feature in its upcoming releases that will enable one to use various websites and web apps as a native Ubuntu desktop applications using panel, hud, dash, messaging menu, sound menu etc. There are around 30 websites that support this feature (list is given in this article). The video below gives a better understanding of Ubuntu Web App feature:

List of websites supporting Ubuntu Web App Feature:

Following is the list of websites, category wise, that supports the new Web App feature in Ubuntu:

Mail services:

  • GMail
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Yandex Mail
  • QQ Mail
  • Windows Live Mail
  • Mail RU

Social Networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linked In
  • YouTube


  • Pandora
  • Grooveshark
  • Hulu Player
  • Yandex Music

News Sites:

  • BBC News (
  • CNN News
  • Yahoo! News (
  • Google News (
  • Yandex News (
  • Google Reader (
  • Reddit (

Office Apps:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar