How To Create A Live USB Of Elementary OS Luna In Ubuntu

I have been hearing lots of rave reviews about the first stable release of Elementary OS Luna. Users admired the beauty and elegance of Elementary OS Luna and some people went on saying that Luna is the Mac for Linux. Well, too far fetched a comparison. I mean you can make Ubuntu look like Mac OS. But a comparison with Mac is inevitable when it comes to comparing looks of an OS.

Anyways, to try Elementary OS Luna, I decided to try the OS on a live USB. In this short tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a live USB of Elementary OS Luna in Ubuntu 13.10 (yes, I did the upgrade to Ubuntu 13.10 from Ubuntu 13.04).

Create a live USB of Elementary OS Luna in Ubuntu 13.10:

Step 1:

Download Elementary OS Luna disk image on your system.

Step 2:

Insert a USB drive or a DVD.

Step 3:

Now, to create a live USB or disk, you don’t need to install a new program. Ubuntu comes with the built in Startup Disk Creator and that itself is sufficient to create a live disk or USB. Go to Unity Dash and look for Startup Disk Creator:

Startup Disk Creator Ubuntu

Step 4:

When you start it, it intelligently detects the presence of an “disk image” file on your system. And if there is only one, it will automatically add it to create a live disk from it. It also recognizes the inserted USB or disk. If not, just browse it to the location of the disk image in CD/Drive Image section. Once you did this, just click on Make Startup Disk:

Live USB for Elementary OS Luna in Ubuntu

And that would be all. It will take some time (around 5-7 mins) to create the live USB. You’ll see the following message when the process ends successfully:

Start Up disk creation successful in Ubuntu

I’ll be writing more on my experience with Elementary OS Luna in coming days. Stay tuned :)