First Stable Version of Podcast App Vocal Released

Vocal Podcast App

Rejoice podcast fans! A dedicated podcast app Vocal for Linux has just reached its first stable version. Vocal is a podcast app designed specifically for elementary OS Freya and available for all other Linux distributions. It has a UI which resembles to Popcorn Time which is a good thing to navigate and easy browse through […]

Two Hungarian Universities Switch To EuroOffice To Promote ODF

Two Hungarian Universities Switch To EuroOffice

Two Hungarian universities, Eötvös University and Szeged University, have signed the contract for 34,000 copies of EuroOffice. EuroOffice is a derivative of Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. It is accompanied by a set of free and non-free extensions (in professional license). EuroOffice is developed by Hungarian company MultiRacio and unsurprisingly, it provides great support for Hungarian language. […]

Cirrus7 Announces Ubuntu Based Mini PC: Nimbini

nimbini Ubuntu based mini PC announced

Is it just me or computer manufactures are actually opting for Linux based mini PCs these days? Few days ago Ubuntu Mate announced its partnership with Entroware for Linux based computers. And today German hardware manufacturer cirrus7, that specializes in mini PCs, has announced a new tiny PC  named nimbini. If you have never heard of […]

Ubuntu Mate Will Be Default OS On Entroware Laptops

Ubuntu Mate hardware deal with ENtroware

Mate desktop flavored Ubuntu distribution, Ubuntu Mate has been gaining rapid popularity among a certain Linux users. This gaining popularity is the reason why Ubuntu Mate was accepted as an official Ubuntu flavor to join the ranks of Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Lubuntu. Its growing popularity has resulted in a hardware deal with Linux based hardware […]

These Are The Default Wallpapers In Ubuntu 15.04

Ubuntu 15.04 default background wallpaper

Ubuntu 15.04 is following its release schedule to launch the final version in April’15. In fact some of you might have already did the upgrade to Ubuntu 15.04 beta. As the ‘Ubuntu tradition’ goes, a wallpaper contest is announced where users from across the globe submit their entries. Based on voting, 10-15 entries are selected […]

System76 Unveils Ubuntu Based Mini PC: Meerkat

System76 Meerkat Ubuntu desktop

It seems mini PC boxes are the latest fad. While the traditional PC boxes (read CPU) takes huge space either under the desk or on the table, these mini PC boxes can be conveniently placed in just few inches of space. No wonder these are getting popular, at least among the manufacturer for the start. Last month […]

Firefox 36 Released With Full Support For HTTP/2

Mozilla Firefox 36 Released

Mozilla has released Firefox 36 with new features like full HTTP/2 support, tiles synchronization with others platforms, various bug fixes and security tweaks. The release contains one visible feature that is the tiles users pin will be synchronized with Firefox that is installed on other platforms like, Android for example. 

Italian Region Emilia-Romagna Is Switching To OpenOffice

Turin City adapts Open Source

Italy seems to be winning the race to Open Source adoption, it seems. We have learned about how various Italian cities like Udine, Turin, Todi and Turni opted for open source alternatives of Microsoft office in the past. Now the news comes that Emilia-Romagna region in northern Italy is about to complete its switch to Apache […]

Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 Is Available For Download

Download Bodhi Linux 3.0.0

Bodhi Linux, one of the popular lightweight Linux distributions, has a new major release 3.0.0 available for download now. If you are not aware of Bodhi Linux, it is a minimalist Linux distribution which is based on Ubuntu. It has lightweight Enlightenment desktop Environment and it ships with a tiny set of default applications. What’s […]