Greek Town Livadeia Kicks Out Microsoft Office For LibreOffice

Greek town ditches MS Office

Greece is in news for unfortunate reasons related to IMF and EU these days. But there is a good news coming from Greece for Open Source enthusiasts. The administration of Greek town Livadeia has decided to get rid of Microsoft Office for open source alternative LibreOffice. This switch to LibreOffice was announced in May this year […]

Ubuntu Mate Gets Another Hardware Deal, This Time With LibreTrend

librebox ships with ubuntu mate

Ubuntu Mate has been rapidly gaining popularity ever since its first release last year as Ubuntu Mate 14.04. Few months back only we heard that Linux hardware manufacturer Entroware will be shipping with the option of Ubuntu Mate pre-installed on its laptop range and mini PCs. Ubuntu Mate has also stuck a deal with Portugal […]

First Stable Version Of Atom Code Editor Has Been Released

Atom 1.0 stable released

Atom 1.0 is here. One of the best open source code editors, Atom was available for public uses for almost a year but this is the first stable version of the most talked about text/code editor of recent times. Promoted as the “hackable text editor for 21st century”, this project of Github has already been downloaded 1.5 […]

OPENSOURCECONF.ID : A Gathering Of Open Source Lovers In Indonesian City Pekanbaru


OPENSOURCECONF.ID 2015 is a community gathering event that brings open source activists, Linux enthusiasts and the IT community together in the Indonesian city of Pekanbaru. The conference will hold up to discuss issues related to contemporary IT Open Source Software, Linux, design, application, network, security, etc. The event coincides with the 231st anniversary of the city […]

Apple Open Sources Swift Programming Language, Will Be Available On Linux

Open Source Swift

We finally lived to see the day when Microsoft and Apple are making their products open source. Earlier Microsoft had announced the open sourcing of .NET programming language. Following the suit, Apple announced at WWDC15 that the new version of Apple’s flagship programming language Swift will be open source. “We think Swift is the next big […]

Peppermint OS 6 Is released

Peppermint 6 released

One of the less popular Ubuntu based distribution, Peppermint OS has announced the release of its latest version Peppermint 6. Peppermint OS was conceived to be an online OS, somewhat similar to Chrome OS. This is the reason why Peppermint OS is sometime known as cloud based Linux OS. No, unlike Chromixium OS that looks […]

Spanish School Ditches Windows For Ubuntu

Spanish School switches to Ubuntu

Open Source adoption is increasing in Europe. Government organization, municipalities, companies and universities have been opting for open source alternatives of popular propriety solutions. We have seen stories of Open Source adoption in France, Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Hungry etc. Latest in the trend is a Spanish school that has opted Ubuntu to replace Windows operating […]