How To Upgrade Ubuntu 13.10 To Ubuntu 14.04

Upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 14.04 has been released. There are several new features in Ubuntu 14.04, if not plenty. All excited about it? Can’t wait to get your hands on Ubuntu 14.04? If you are using Ubuntu 13.10, you can simply upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 instead of downloading and installing it via USB. Upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 from […]

Guide To Install Ubuntu 13.10 In Dual Boot Mode With Windows

Guide to dual boot Ubuntu with Windows

Continuing my experimentation with different Linux distribution, I installed Xubuntu last week. Xubuntu is a variant of Ubuntu with Xfce desktop environment instead of the default Unity. Light on resources, Xubuntu can be a good Linux alternative of Windows XP. I prefer to install Linux in dual boot with Windows. I hardly use Windows but […]