How To Install Deepin Music Player On Ubuntu 14.04 & 14.10

How to install Deepin music player in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Deepin is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It comes with its own desktop environment and a set of Deepin specific application that includes Deepin Store (like Ubuntu Software Center), Deepin Music Player (DMusic), Deepin Video Player, Deepin terminal etc. These applications fit very nicely in Deepin environment and make it one of the most […]

How To Install Budgie Desktop On Ubuntu 14.04

How to install Budgie desktop in Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint 17

In last post we talked about most beautiful Linux OS coming in 2015. One of them is Evolve OS which comes with its flagship and beautiful Budgie desktop environment. If you want to experience it, you can easily install Budgie on Ubuntu 14.04. Budgie desktop environment is written from scratch and is designed with focus […]

Install And Use Official Telegram Desktop Client In Linux

Install Telegram desktop client in Linux

Telegram is a cloud based, fast, encrypted messaging service that let’s you share unlimited data. Telegram emphasizes on privacy and unlike its competitor WhatsApp, it has desktop client available for all the platforms, in addition to clients for all major mobile OS. In this article we shall see how to install official Telegram in Linux. […]