How To Fix Green Line At The Bottom In VLC In Linux

Fix green line issue in VLC in Linux

Seeing a green line at the bottom in VLC in Linux? No, don’t worry. You are not seeing things. Indeed a green or purple line on the screen in VLC is very common annoyance. Some times the green-purple line is very thin and hardly noticeable but some times it could be promptly visible. At times, […]

[Fixed] Keyboard And Mouse Freeze After Suspend In Ubuntu 14.04 [Quick Tip]

Problem: When Ubuntu 14.04 or 14.10 comes back from sleep or suspend mode, the keyboard and mouse freeze. Nothing can be clicked or entered. The only way out is to force shutdown the system by pressing the power button. This is very inconvenient, rather very annoying. Because the default behavior in Ubuntu is that when you […]