Play 2048 In Linux Terminal

Play 2048 in Linux Terminal

Okay! I know that fad for the addictive 2048 game is almost over but this is no excuse to not try your hands on this game every now and then. Previously we have seen how to play 2048 offline in Ubuntu, today we shall see how to play 2048 in Linux terminal. I know that […]

2048 Now Available For Offline Play In Ubuntu

2048 for ubuntu offline

2048 is the latest fad worldwide. This tiny game is played by moving the tiles up and down, left and right. The aim of this puzzle game is to reach 2048 by combining tiles with matching number. So 2+2 becomes 4, 4+4 becomes 16 and so on. Sounds simple but trust me its hell of […] To Release Over 100 Games For Linux By Fall

Linux Gaming with

Great news for Linux lovers. Popular computer game sale and distribution platform has announced the plan to release over 100 game titles for Linux by this fall. These titles will include games that already have Linux client available as well as some of the classic PC games, as announced by …going to include […]

nSnake: Play The Classic Snake Game In Linux Terminal

Play Snake game in Linux terminal with nSnake

You know what was the best thing about old Nokia handsets back in early 2000’s? The Snake Game. I had wasted considerable time on this silly yet addictive game. While the good old Nokia phones are replaced by smartphones today and Snake game is replaced by other silly addictive games such as Temple Run etc […]

Install Texas Holdem Poker Game In Ubuntu 13.10 And Linux Mint 16

PokerTH Game Linux

PokerTH is an Open Source Poker game for Linux, Mac and Windows. Texas Hold’ em Poker is probably the most popular Poker game variant around the world. While there are various browser based Poker games available, its good to see a Poker game for Linux desktop. PokerTH (TH stands for Texas hold’ em) is written […]