The Ultimate Linux Trivia Quiz [Part Two]

The Linux Trivia Quiz

The Linux Trivia Quiz Part One was met with quite some success. Since many of you Linux lovers asked me to continue these fun filled Linux quizzes, I have come up with the second part of this Linux Quiz series. As promised, no command line or Shell programming questions. Questions are more visual based and […]

Microsoft Announces Its Own Linux OS


Microsoft has shocked the entire tech world by announcing a new Linux OS ahead of Windows 10 release. Few months back when Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that Microsoft loves Linux, it created quite a stir. But no one could have guessed that Microsoft’s love interest in Linux will go to the extent of announcing its own Linux […]

Ubuntu Spotted In Real Life


If you have been following It’s FOSS for some time now, you need not to guess that Ubuntu is my favorite Linux distribution. While I won’t consider myself to be an Ubuntu fanboy, I would definitely accept that seeing Ubuntu in use in real world does gets a second look from me. In an earlier post, […]

Facebook To Buy Ubuntu For $3 Billion

Facebook buys Ubuntu

It seems Mark Zuckerberg (founder and CEO of Facebook) is not done shopping just yet. After buying WhatsApp and Oculus Rift, Mark Zuckerberg’s next target is Canonical, parent company of world’s most popular Linux distribution Ubuntu. This is revealed in an exclusive report by Business Insider. When asked about Facebook’s intention behind Ubuntu’s acquisition, Zuckerberg said: […]

[Fun] Linux Spotted In Real Life!

funny Linux spotted in real life

So you think Linux exists in desktop and servers only? Think again! It might not be. In real life also, we have glimpse of Linux which might be unnoticed by most of the people but it would be amusing for a tech enthusiast. I grabbed some of the pictures doing the rounds on social media which […]