Cube Lets You Install Linux Applications Offline

Camicri Cube Linux

If you are a Linux user with 24 hour internet connection, installing applications, updating the system is easier for you. What if you have limited data connectivity or what of your computer cannot be connected to internet. Yes, that too happens! In a large part of the world, people download the software and applications on […]

Easily Switch Audio Sources With Sound Switcher Indicator In Ubuntu

Sound Switcher Indicator Ubuntu

Sound Switcher Indicator is an applet indicator developed by Dmitry Kann. The purpose of the applet indicator is very simple, it lets you switch between different audio sources such as integrated speakers, headphone and HDMI in two mouse clicks. Big deal, you may say. After all its no rocket science. You can go to System […]

Twitter Client Turpial Makes A Comeback In Ubuntu 13.10

Install Turpial 3 in Ubuntu 13.10

Turpial, desktop client for Twitter has released its latest stable version: Turpial 3. Turpial 3 is available to install via PPA in Ubuntu 13.10 and Linux Mint 16. Turpial was once a popular Twitter client for Ubuntu and other Linux distributions. Developed by Venezuelan developers, Turpial gets its name from Venezuelan bird Troupial.  For sometimes […]

Sync Multiple Google Drive Same As Dropbox With SyncDrive In Ubuntu

SyncDrive Applet Indicator in Ubuntu

When it comes to cloud storage, the two services that tops the usage in Linux desktop world is Dropbox and Ubuntu One. But since Google announced a combined cloud storage of 15 GB, Google Drive too has become an attractive cloud storage service especially since it integrates very well with other Google products. The problem […]

Easily Manage PPAs In Ubuntu 13.10 With Y PPA Manager

Install Y PPA Manager in Ubuntu 13.10

You installed a fresh new Ubuntu 13.10 and then you did all the must to do things after installing Ubuntu 13.10. Did you notice one thing that you have installed several applications using PPA? Even when you delete the application installed using the PPA, the PPA remains in your list of sources. Sooner or later, […]

Install Windows Like Desktop Widgets In Ubuntu Linux With Screenlets

Install Windows Like Desktop Widget in Linux

Remember Windows Vista? It introduced the desktop widgets that could show weather, memory usages, sticky notes, RSS feeds and later Twitter feeds and many more things. Probably the only good thing that came with Windows Vista was these desktop widgets. These desktop widgets continued in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Many of the users who […]