How To Record Skype Calls In Ubuntu And Linux Mint

Record Skype Calls in Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Mint 17

Want to record Skype calls in Ubuntu? Skype call recorder is a simple easy to use program that can record Skype call automatically and manually as well. The Skype Call Recorder for Linux uses the native Skype API to record calls to wav, mp3, or ogg format. It runs in the system tray and communicates […]

Install And Use MEGA Cloud Storage In Linux

Install and use MEGASync in Linux

MEGA is a cloud storage service launched by the founder of controversial file sharing website Megaupload, Kim Dotcom. MEGA claims to provide end to end encryption and thus keeping your data private. The encryption key is held by the user instead of the cloud service provider, claims MEGA. Features of MEGA cloud service Following are some […]

Keep History Of Notifications With Recent Notifications AppIndicator

How to see recent notifications in Ubuntu 14.04

Most of the desktop environments like Unity and Gnome have notification featured. Something which I like a lot. It specially helps me when I am listening to streaming radio on Ubuntu. But by default the notification is displayed on the top of the desktop for a couple of seconds and then it fades in disappearance. […]

Configure Mate Desktop With Mate Tweak

Mate Tweak Tool

Installing Mate Desktop in Ubuntu is one thing but you might be wondering about how to configure Mate Desktop? Most of the desktop environments have their own tweaking tools. For example Unity has Unity Tweak Tool, GNOME has Gnome Tweak Tool, Elementary OS has Elementary Tweak Tool. Good news is that Mate Desktop too has its […]

How To Install Kodi 14 (XBMC) In Ubuntu 14.04 & Linux Mint 17

How To Install Kodi 14 in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Kodi, formerly and popularly known as XBMC, has released its latest version 14 which is code named Helix. It is fairly easy to install Kodi 14 in Ubuntu 14.04 thanks to the official PPA provided by XBMC. For those who do not know already, Kodi is a media center application available for all major platforms […]

How To Install Deepin Music Player On Ubuntu 14.04 & 14.10

How to install Deepin music player in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Deepin is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It comes with its own desktop environment and a set of Deepin specific application that includes Deepin Store (like Ubuntu Software Center), Deepin Music Player (DMusic), Deepin Video Player, Deepin terminal etc. These applications fit very nicely in Deepin environment and make it one of the most […]

How To Install Tomahawk Player In Ubuntu 14.04 And Linux Mint 17

How To Install Tomahawk Music Player in Ubuntu 14.04

Tomahawk is perhaps the most beautiful music player for Linux in terms of user interface. It’s also one of the most feature rich music application. It supports the integration of a number of streaming music player such as Spotify, Grooveshark, Google Play Music, iTunes etc. It is in fact a social music player where you […]

Install And Use Official Telegram Desktop Client In Linux

Install Telegram desktop client in Linux

Telegram is a cloud based, fast, encrypted messaging service that let’s you share unlimited data. Telegram emphasizes on privacy and unlike its competitor WhatsApp, it has desktop client available for all the platforms, in addition to clients for all major mobile OS. In this article we shall see how to install official Telegram in Linux. […]