Install And Use Official Telegram Desktop Client In Linux

Install Telegram desktop client in Linux

Telegram is a cloud based, fast, encrypted messaging service that let’s you share unlimited data. Telegram emphasizes on privacy and unlike its competitor WhatsApp, it has desktop client available for all the platforms, in addition to clients for all major mobile OS. In this article we shall see how to install official Telegram in Linux. […]

Notepadqq: Notepad++ Clone For Linux

Notepadqq best alternative to Notepad++ in Linux

Looking for Notepad++ in Linux? Unfortunately, Notepad++ is available for Windows platform only. At work, where I have to use Windows, Notepad++ is my favorite text editor. And at times I miss Notepad++ in Ubuntu. Notepadqq: Notepad++ alternative for Linux I know there are plenty of text editors that can be used as Notepad++ alternative […]

Atraci: A New You Tube Based Streaming Music Player

Atraci You Tube Based Music Player

Atraci is a new open source streaming music player that streams music from You Tube but in a nicer and cleaner interface. Apart from listening to the top tracks, you can search for an artist or album, create playlists. You can also see the songs you played previously in history. In terms of interface, it is […]

Display Song Lyrics On Desktop In Ubuntu 14.04

Display Song Lyrics on Ubuntu desktop and Linux Mint

Apart from free streaming music, what I like the most in Spotify is its lyrics plugin. At times I don’t understand all of the words of the song, specially if it’s rap. TuneWiki plugin comes handy in this case. While TuneWiki has plugins for Windows Media Player and iTune, what options do we have on […]

Indulge In Open Source Hardware Design With Fritzing

Fritzing View Open Source Hardware

Fritzing is not just  a PCB design tool, it’s an Open Source hardware initiative that aims to “open source” hardware (read electronics) design. Fritzing provides a software tool along with a community of electronics enthusiasts where users can document their prototype, share it with others and manufacture professional PCBs. The video below will give you a […]