How To Add A Bookmark In Ubuntu 13.04 [Beginner Trick]


Nautilus files manager, now known as Files, provides quick access to some of the pre-defined directories in left sidebar. These directories/places include Home, Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures mounted drives and network drives (if any). Suppose a situation where you want to add a new directory in it for quick access. Lets say Dropbox. If you have to access Dropbox, you’ll have to go to Home folder and then Dropbox folder.

In this tutorial (meant for absolute beginners), I’ll show you how to add bookmarks in Ubuntu 13.04 for quick access to any folder.

How to add bookmarks in Files in Ubuntu 13.04:

Here are the quick steps to follow to add a bookmark:

  • Go to Files (or Nautilus).
  • Go inside your desired folder which you want to be bookmarked.
  • Look at the top right corner. There should be a setting option. Click on it and choose the option Bookmark this location.How to add a bookmark in Ubuntu 13.04
  • The desired folder will be added to the left sidebar in Files under the section Bookmark.Add a bookmark in Ubuntu 13.04 Nautilus

I hope it helps the Ubuntu newbies. Questions, suggestions are always welcomed. Ciao :)

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